The Wealthy Ronin
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I’m average in every way; except in looks, intelligence, and stubbornness.  In those categories, I’m a solid A- ;).  3 years ago, I was a D in Financial & Investing knowledge.  I don’t know if my grade has improved much, but I’ve tried, failed, and learned a lot since then.  

I’m no savant. I haven’t retired in my 30s, I still have a mortgage, and there is no private jet in my near future, but, generally, those are my goals (I think we can classify the jet as a stretch goal).  First recognize your goals, then plan for success.

The Income Gap

Does your family make the Middle Class cut?

Latest Mistakes

Turbo Options… just don’t do it.

The Wealth Gap

So you make a lot of money… but do you have a lot? Where does your household sit on the Wealth Scale?