Mr. Money Mustache is like a Lamborghini

Am I allowed to use his name in the title of my post?

If you’re familiar with Mr. Money Mustache, then you know that title is nonsensical. What I meant is that he is a person to be admired, and, more than that, he lives a lifestyle that one could aspire to. If you consider yourself a Mustachian, then you probably don’t dream of owning a Lamborghini, but I’ve always felt it is a near universally accepted object of desire… Maybe that is just me.

Regardless, I aspire to Mr Money Mustache’s lifestyle because it is so far out of reach. If you’re unfamiliar with the Mustachian way of life, then I encourage you to read about him here. The important thing is, he retired from his job at 30 and is living a rich and full life on his investment returns. Now, he isn’t jetting all over the world every week; he has carried his intensely modest lifestyle into retirement with him, but you can tell he is fulfilled. Also, the benefit of not having to work for ‘the man’ leaves him, and his wife, all the time they want to raise their family and take on other projects that interest them.

If you’ve taken the time to read up on him by now, you might know that he has a very practical view on spending, and life priorities. Changing your lifestyle seems simple when you read his blog, but I’ve found it challenging, to say the least, with my late start and family. Still, I’ve taken many of his lessons to heart, and the one I remind myself most is ‘reducing spending is more important than increasing income in the quest for early retirement’ (I’m paraphrasing a little there).

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