Turbo Options

Turbo Options, or also known by, as I soon discovered, total fucking gambling. It was kind of like playing War at a casino… fun, silly, and your wins and losses were more or less random.

This post is less of a review, and more of a warning. Buyer beware when a ‘broker’ says they will match your account funding. Oh, another warning sign should be when they ask you to ‘fund’ using your credit card.

I tried two services in this space, I’m not going to name them specifically because I believe all of these apps and sites are basically the same. The premise of the Turbo Option boils down to this: Do you think this stock/commodity/future is going to trade higher or lower than now in the next 10, 15, 30 or 60 seconds? I’m sure Hedge Fund managers, with their expertise, spend a lot of their free time becoming billionaires in this exciting micro market… Oh, you haven’t heard any of those success stories either?

Well, I’m as good at playing War as anyone I know, and, for a few hours, I was up about 1k! Success, if I can make a 1k extra a day on turbo options, I can quit wealth planning now. However, much like a casino, I somehow left the experience down a few hundred dollars. I’m sure some people manage to be on the right side of 5o% on these things, but the marketing and language around them is misleading; this is not investing, this is playing a game for money.

Turbo Options: not an investment vehicle

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